Account management

Banca de Economii JSC offers to the legal entities, the opportunity to open bank accounts in national and foreign currency in any of those 37 bank branches placed in different regions of the country.

The legal entities have the possibility to open the following types of bank accounts:

  • Operating account – a bank account opened by the bank and used to keep chronological record, of debit or credit, of all the operations that occurs during the account holder’s transactions.
  • Demand deposit account – a bank account where interest-free financial funds are deposited, with the purpose of consuming or saving, without settling the term of keeping.
  • Loan account – a bank account opened for recording the loans granted to the legal entities.         
  • Temporary account – a provisional bank account opened with the purpose to accumulate financial funds in order to form (increase) the capital.
  • Term savings account– a bank account where financial funds with interest are deposited, for a settled period of time.

In order to open a bank account the resident and non-resident legal entities should present the necessary documents according to the legal acts of the NBM.

The Banca de Economii performs the following services for the corporate customers:

The payment operations:

  • Opening and the administration of the current accounts in national currency;
  • Registration of funds on client’s operating account;
  • Withdrawal of funds from the account based on money transfer documents;
  • Keeping of card index;
  • Receiving of cheque registers;
  • Issuance of cheque books and receiving cheques for processing;
  • Offering to the client the information regarding the current bank account incoming amounts;
  • Offering to the client or to his legal representative a complete statement of the account;
  • Offering to the client the duplicate copy of account statement with attachments;
  • Offering of current and archive accounts’ certificates;
  • Consultation of customer regarding cash and settlement operations;

Cash operations:

  • Receiving and issuing of available cash funds into the client’s accounts;
  • Recounting and changing of the banknotes;
  • Verifying of the banknotes authenticity;
  • Collecting of the customer available cash funds.