Questions and proposals

Dear client,

Questions, suggestions or reclamations to the Banca de Economii can be sent  in written forms directly to the bank administration or to the chief of the branch office where you are served and also in electronic format at the following address – or on our web page, compartment Frequent asked questions (FAQ). Therewith all our agencies have the Suggestions and request book, where our clients can express their opinion.

All suggestions and reclamations received by our bank are registered. The answer to our client requests must be sent, in dependence of the problem complexity, within the period from 15 to 30 days (in accordance with the art. 8 of the Law regarding petitions).

The answer to the petition is signed by the bank administration or by the director of the branch office who has received the reclamation.

We do not examine petitions in following cases:

- when the message is not clearly expressed;

- sent twice and where no additional information is available.    

Examination of your complaints and proposal

For suggestions and complaints you can appeal at:

Secretary and protocol Division, tel.: 373 22 218-007 or at email: