Retail Loans

The loans are granted to individuals, residents of the R. Moldova, aged between 21 and 55, disposing of stable sources of incomes and immovables, which value is sufficient for covering loan obligation (own or third person’s property).

Loan value: 

  • from 10,000 MDL through 50,000 MDL – up to 24 months;
  • from 50,001 MDL – 200,000 MDL – up to 48 months.

Fee for granting the loan:  2% of  loan value (paid when granting loan).

Guarantees:real estate own / third person’s property, accepted by bank.

Loan repayment:monthly, based on annuity.

Interest rate:  25% p.a.

Required documents:

  • Questionnaire for the purchase of the real estate;
  • Identity card;
  • Certificate regarding family composition;
  • Documents which prove monthly income of the applicant: Salary certificate issued by the employer or certificate regarding income & expenses  (for individuals who practice freelance); Work record card / work contract / authorization for the realization of the certain activity  (original and copy); Income statement, if applicable; Other additional documents which may prove Beneficiary’s solvency.
  • The same documents have  to be presented for the spouse, in case when the Beneficiary does not have sufficient sources of repayment;
  • Bills of household expenses for the closest date possible (receipts);
  • Documents which prove the ownership right of real estate (land, house, car) and other assets (deposits);
  • Documents  related to collateral;
  • Contract and insurance policy  for the real estate – collateral;
  • Contract and insurance policy for  life and loss of ability to work;
  • Mandatory Medical Insurance Policy.