American Express Travelers Cheques


Banca de Economii S.A. offers American Express® Travellers Cheques, a widely recognised form of international currency that has the added protection of a global replacement service if the cheques are lost or stolen.

Used in conjunction with other forms of travel money travellers cheques can give you peace of mind knowing you have a backup source of funds in an emergency.

Why buy travellers cheques?

Travellers cheques are a secure way to carry foreign currency. Banca de Economii S.A. recommends you carry your travel funds in a variety of forms for your security, and to ensure access to your money when you need it.

Loss or theft of your travellers cheques

If lost, stolen or destroyed, American Express® Travellers Cheques can generally be replaced within 24 hours almost anywhere in the world by American Express®.

Contact American Express® immediately if your travellers cheques are lost or stolen.

How to buy travellers cheques

  • Apply to one of the offices of Banca de Economii S.A
  • Provide  identification document;
  • Choose available currency and denominations
  • Pay cheques amount and fees
  • Sign travellers cheques

How to cash travellers cheques

  • Apply to one of the offices of Banca de Economii S.A
  • Provide  identification document;
  • Countersign travellers cheques in the presence of bank officer
  • Once the bank officer verifies that both signatures on the check match, amount of cheques less applicable fees is given back to the customer and the transaction is completed.

What fees are involved?

On cashing Travellers cheques are charged at 1.5 % of the total value cashed, with a minimum charge of 7 USD/ 7 EUR.

Banca de Economii does not sell traveler cheques.

For additional information address in our divisions or call us on ph. 022-218-043.