Securities Market Services

The capital market offers investment possibilities, which represent an alternative to the constitution of the bank deposits. The bank’s activity on the securities market diversifies the spectrum of the services that are specific for the bank system.

The corporative securities market

Banca de Economii JSC, as a professional participant to the Moldova securities market, performs the activity of broker and dealer in accordance with the licenses issued by the National Committee for securities.

Shareholder's guide

The brokerage services are provided both to the individuals and the legal entities. Upon the client’s request, the Banca de Economii JSC registers the transactions with corporative securities at the Moldova Stock Exchange, concludes long-term contracts of brokerage services, and accumulates the securities of the companies attractive for the customer. The brokerage services are rendered for a fee, according to the Bank tariffs

The dealer activity is performed with the purpose of maintaining the investments’ benefits to a level higher than the price of the bank attracted goods, of the bank direct participation in the processes of the companies’ reorganisation and reconstruction, of the efficient management of the bank resources. The Bank performs portfolio investments in strategic enterprises, and short-term commercial investments with the purpose of gaining the benefit. The bank takes part in the movable property transaction both on the stock exchange market, and outside it, selecting the issuers that represent a strategical and commercial interest.

Broker and dealer guide

The state securities market

The Banca de Economii JSC is a primary dealer on the state securities market. The bank corresponds to the banks’ selection Criteria and to the banks’ activity evaluation on the immaterialised state securities market and performs the activity of the market maker. The bank takes part in the auctions organised by the NBM on its own behalf and its own resources, as well as on its own behalf and on its client account on his request.


The investor's Guide on the state securities market

 The state securities (SS) purchasing operations on the investors’ behalf during the primary auctions

On the basis of the contracts concluded with the customers (legal entities and individuals), all the bank branches accept applications for participation in auctions. The customers that are willing to buy SS through the bank are served promptly and for a reasonable fee, which is subsequently reduced in case of reinvestment in the SS. All the payments, performed by the bank with the customers regarding the purchasing and the settling day of the SS, are performed on-line.

The SS purchasing and selling operations on the secondary market

Following its customers’ directions, on their behalf and on agreed terms and rates the bank can realize transactions on the SS secondary market.

The REPO transactions with SS operations

Realizing by bank of REPO transactions with SS offers the customers the possibility to receive financial funds within one day, in case the customers do not want to sell the SS that they hold or when the SS market rates are not favourable. On the basis of  REPO contracts concluded with the bank, the customer can sell SS to the bank obtaining the necessary financial funds, engaging themselves to buy SS again for an agreed price after certain period of time.

Basic concepts