Service of accounts in Moldavian lei

Legal entities have the possibility to open the following types of bank accounts in lei:

  • Operating account – a bank account opened by the bank and used to keep chronological record, of debit or credit, of all the operations that occur during the transactions.
  • Demand deposit account – a bank account where interest-free financial funds are deposited with the purpose of consuming or saving, without settling the term of keeping.
  • Loan account – a bank account opened for recording the loans granted to the legal entities.         
  • Temporary account – a provisory bank account opened with the purpose to accumulate financial funds in order to form (increase) the capital.
  • Term savings account– a bank account where financial funds with interest are deposited for a settled period of time.

Advantages of the harming accounts in lei offered by the Banca de Economii S.A.:

  1. Quickness:
    • Payments executions
    • Client’s demands executions
    • Client’s problems solutions
  2. Security:
    • Banking transfers in lei